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RTE Weather Photos

War Memorial Gardens

Autumn in St. Catherine’s Park, Lucan

Manor Kilbride

Autumn in Lucan

Foxes along the Dodder

Irish Examiner

Ireland’s Big Issue Photos

Silent Valley, Co Down.

Homelessness and Alcoholism, on a bin on Grafton St.

Oh to have a little house, Tralee


Stories published in Ireland’s Big Issue

A Peculiar Fete

A con artist, a secret in a book, a poisoned glass? All at the Summer Fete


Crocodiles, Coffee and a Chimera in the Staffroom. Published February 2015

Tied Down

Contemplating Life while stuck in traffic. Published in Irelands Big Issue.

Making my Mark

Re-evaluating what is important when making your mark on life.

A Note on the Affair

A message hidden in a book? It’s not what it seems

Irish Independent Six Word Story

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